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Swayzee, Indiana

Swayzee Town Board

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Every four years, residents of Swayzee elect a Five-member Town Council. The Town Council holds the legislative and executive powers for the Town. All councilors are considered "at large" which means all Swayzee residents vote on all councilors, not just the councilor representing their particular district. The town council elects a council president and vice-president each year. The council is also responsible for appointing and overseeing a town manager whose responsibilities include overseeing the day to day operations of the town and it's employee's, as well as, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, and Wastewater departments.

The Swayzee Town Council typically meets at 7:00 pm on the Second and Fourth Wednesday evenings of the month in the Swayzee Town Hall.


Nate Foster
Board Member Since: July 2012
Terms as President: 1
Terms As Vice President: 2

Vice President

Brian Hall
Board Member Since:
Terms As President: 2

Board Member

Tom Pipper
Board Member Since:2012

Board Member

Dave Pricket
Board Member Since:2012

Board Member

Mark Siler
Board Member Since:December 2012

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